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How it Works – Body With Language

How it Works

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Your Body With Language program is very simple and we can get you started in a few simple steps.

1st: Step your account.
2nd : Choose your Course, click sign up for course and pick your lesson.
3rd: Pick the type of music you want to listen to and then play the lesson
Here you also have the option to expand the screen to full screen. While watching the lesson repeat the words over and over during your workout. Your breathing is very important when using the program. So when you’re repeating the words and phrases, you want to say the words while breathing out.
After you finish your workout, its time to cool down with a quick quiz. So underneath the video you will press the “VIEW THE LESSON QUIZ” button which will take you to the quiz page. Just answer the questions and at the bottom press the complete the quiz button to see your score.
That’s it, enjoy your new program and if you have any questions please select the contact us page and send us any questions you may have. Thank you for choosing Body With Language





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